Burnout Part 1: How to Tell You are Burnt Out

It was like the candle had finally come to the end of its wick and as my wife says, “at the end of the wick there is some dynamite”. One Friday afternoon, negativity bubbling under the surface completely overwhelmed me. The burdens I was carrying crushed me under its weight. My normal level-headed temperament became an out of control roller coaster of mixed emotions and confusion. I was completely unable to function like my usual self. My first response was genuinely the thought, “I think I’m going crazy, I have finally lost my mind!”. But with hindsight I think it’s safe to say I was experiencing burnout.

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An Antidote to the Stigma of Mental Illness

Is there something wrong with me?

When we encounter depression or anxiety we often think “is there something wrong with me?” We can wonder “why is it me struggling like this?”

Often we can be quick to point out how common depression and anxiety is in order to suggest that there is nothing wrong. However, I don’t think this is helpful and can actually fuel the stigma of mental illness. Let me explain…


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